Tuesday, November 3, 2009


life is hectic.
today was interesting, the power went out at our school so everyone got to leave. i was excited! and before we were released i had a reall deep conversation with one of my old best friends, we had a falling out and i'm glad we finally talked about it. i love resolving issues. it makes life so much easier.
so i wanted to apologize for not posting in forever. i haven't been doing very good. and its hard to read all your posts when i hear about how amazing your doing. haha. but good job if you have been doing well! i haven't been throwing up. who knows why. (i was talking to my best friend about this and i think it is my recently changed attitude and my lack of self control). and of course halloween was this weekend.. which means candy and sweets galore. i can't even begin to describe how much chocolate i consumed this week and yesterday i had a bagel at lunch! today will be better though. i've only had a sucker my friend got me and i didn't even finish half of it. i'm not even hungry, i'm probably still running off everything i ate this weekend. goodness. well, i have to get off the computer. someone here to look at my house. bye (:


  1. dont worry about halloween weekend.
    You can work it off by being good this week!

  2. halloween is considered the devil's holiday for a reason