Saturday, October 24, 2009


i'm pretty happy.
i'm 107. that's not what i'm happy about.
but i started my solo today at dance and i really like it, i have a chair and my song is pretty and it means every saturday i have an extra hour of dance. and i went to the gym with my mom after dance on thursday and she was like "i like working out with you, you keep going. its inspiring." so she got me a membership so we can go together every monday, thursday and sunday. and i can go by myself whenever i want. and this gym is literally two minutes away from my house by foot. so its perfect. now basically, i was doing great with food until last night. but luckily i was eating bell peppers and soy nuts instead of chips. but regardless. i ate a lot! of course i would do that after a week or being pretty good. but it is now three and i've eaten a seventy calorie yogurt and i definitely burned off that and some of last nights calories at dance today. and i clean my studio so when everyone left i kept practicing for about an hour and that burned quite a few i'm sure.
so, not including last night, i am actually proud of myself.
i hope your doing great (:
maybe i'll post a few pictures if i start looking better.
but i'm not sure yet. hahah

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  1. You remind me of me at the begining of the year. "It's inspiring." ;)