Friday, October 16, 2009


i have been so ridiculously busy this week it isn't even funny. so sorry for not posting : /
on a decent note. i'm still 108. because this system (eat, throw up) i'm not gaining anything. but i'm still eating. and i'm eating a lot. so we'll have to change that.
i have to get a hold of myself. this has been going on for about two weeks now. and it is not anywhere near okay. its disgusting.
i really haven't done much this week. other than school and dance. i just have had so much homework so no time to post.
but here is my idea:
tonight: eat dinner with my mom like a said i would, throw up.
tomorrow: have a 80 calorie yogurt and burn it off at dance. eat dinner with friends or whoever i'm with. no snacks throughout the day.
sunday: fast
monday-friday: dinner, throw up.

sounds simple. but lets see how i do.
i'll post tomorrow (: i just need to get ready; football game tonight.

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