Saturday, October 10, 2009


I'm horrible.
i need to get a hold of myself. NOW.
alright, so i fasted all friday until six when i went out to dinner with my dad, who i rarely see, and we went out for mexican. after not eating for over a day since i hardly ate anything thursday (some crackers and cheese and 100 calorie doritos), i was obviously hungry. so i decided to order a bean, rice and cheese burrito. i know, i know. but anyways, i am over half way done with it, mid sentence, out of no where, i started gagging, my dad runs over and pulls my hair back and i threw up everything and on everything. it was disgusting. and i'm not sick, so it was really weird. not sure what it was about. but hey it got me out of having to do it later.
so anyways, that movie night i told you about. yeahhh, not so good. not good at all actually. homemade brownies and whipped cream at six in the morning after not sleeping for over twenty four hours seems like a good idea at the time. doesn't really feel good now. hah. and a five calorie energy drink seems like a good idea as well, but not when you feel hung over the next morning. and to ease the headache and slushy stomach, i topped it all off with a cheese bagel. aren't i great? not.
i don't know where any of my control went. but i'm not going to eat anything the rest of the day, which shouldn't be extremely difficult because i'm going to spend it doing homework and sleeping.
ohh, a new decision i've made is that i'm going to fill up my day with so many activities and things to do that there is just no time for eating, because obviously i have lost every ounce of control i had.

good luck, and you better be doing better than me!
but i promise i'll lose this weight.
its just going to take longer than it should.


  1. well i'm not doing any better than you considering i was at that movie night and i had pizza and yo frutti last night and thats what i had again for lunch today.

  2. in reply to your comment, frustrating, isn't it?

  3. Ugh that does not sound sexy at all.
    Ha ha and to think, we all want to lose weight to become pretty and the vomiting is like counter attractive XD oh the irony
    at least your body wants to work alongside you and didn't digest that food!