Sunday, October 18, 2009


i just walked across my town because my mom hates me. honestly, all we do is fight. i was crying the whole way and i saw at least three people i know pass me. it was so embarrassing. but at least it was exercise. ha.
so my system is working (: i haven't eaten today. and i hardly ate yesterday; 80 calorie yogurt and a piece of toast no butter, 100 calories. not bad for what i've been eating lately.
i was with my friend i hardly hang out with and i made some really cool friends. we went out and none of us had money for food so that was perfect for me, hahah.
so i met this girl friday, well i knew who she was, we go to school together and she is three months pregnant and looks smaller than me. it made me so mad. i mean, good for her. she's hiding it really well, but god. it made me feel horrible.
so i am going to try so hard to be one oh five by the end of the week. it shouldn't be hard. i just really need to get a hold of myself.
i think my mom just got home so i need to get off.
time to get screamed at. woooo.


  1. That happened to me once, I got back from a basketball game and no one would come pick me up so I walked home the three miles crying and a bunch of people I knew drove by. Lovely.

  2. Please do!! I could definitely use some support, as I know most people do.

  3. You will be!! Why the end of the week?