Tuesday, September 22, 2009


so since i did so good yesterday and barely ate anything i decided i was going to start the abc diet. i tried for a week over summer and just didn't have the self control. i didn't really have the drive either. obviously now i do, but of course when i decide i'm starting my grandma calls my mom inviting us all over for a massive home made dinner. my family is all obese so there is literally massive amounts of food. my grandmother always makes a plate for me, which is very unnecessary, but because i'm a vegetarian she thinks i don't eat enough (that's not why, but she's right) so i'm sure i will come home three or more pounds heavier. not even exaggerating
so i guess i'm starting tomorrow.
i'm dancing tonight, so maybe that will burn off at least a tiny bit.
i'm excited to get back to exercising.
i really need to work my ass off, literally.

wish me luck.

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