Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two sides to every problem,

Things are getting better.
I'm on top of school work,
I'm resolving issues that have been haunting me for quite some time,
I'm doing a solo,
I fixed things with my dad,
my mom is listening a little more and finally growing up.
So why is it that
I still feel like shit?
I'm still no where near what I want to be.
By resolving issues with some people I'm creating some with others,
I can't dance for two weeks,
my dad isn't here,
and my mom still doesn't care.
All these things are taking up too much space in my mind. Space that needs to be directed towards other thoughts; thoughts like controlling what i eat.
For example; I've eaten about 800 calories today and I still have to eat dinner.
I feel disgusting and I can't dance it off tonight, or the rest of this week for that matter.
Well I'm going to go on a twenty minute jog around my neighborhood on my bum ankle.
Then I'm going to dance. Boo for watching other people burn calories while you sit on your fat ass.

I'll post again tonight, I'm sure of it.

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