Thursday, September 24, 2009


i'm finally dancing again, and i couldn't be happier.
i started abc yesterday and i've eaten less than i was supposed to both days.
i don't see a difference.
but its been two days so i wasn't expecting to see anything. ha
I'm really happy and proud of myself.
my best friend is doing her own abc based diet so i have her to help me though it.
I've denied so much food lately and that is completely not like me. i cave so easily, someone offers me something, i take it without a thought. not anymore.
i'm so proud that i can finally say that.
i hope you are all doing great!
stay strong. i know i need to be.


  1. i would be that friend =]

    and i totally denied those beautiful looking doughnuts with you ;]

  2. I wish I was doing so well with the ABC. I'm sucking like crazy cuz I had nothing to count with all weekend out in the middle of nowhere....