Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's horrible,

my little sister: 5'0, 85 llbs., 12 years old.
she just came into our room last night crying and when i asked her what was wrong she lifted up her shirt and pointed at her stomach saying her friends were poking her all night telling her they like her "pudge", after about ten minutes of just letting her cry i told her she was beautiful and her friends don't know what they're talking about and she just kept crying.
it was heartbreaking.
then today, while i was cleaning my dance studio she was with me and was being really quiet which isn't like her so i asked what was wrong and she said she was hungry so i told her to go get something out of the office and she said she couldn't and when i asked why she looked at herself and mumbled something so that i didn't understand so i asked again and she yelled " I'M FAT! that's why!"
it was the worst feeling i have ever felt.
I didn't know what to say, because i know exactly how she feels.

i've felt sick all day, maybe because of that?
but i haven't really eaten
90 calories.
still 110.


  1. Tell her she's not fat for sure because due to medical standards she's more than likely under weight.... um what is it a 16.6 BMI for her? I mean I know you're probably the same way but don't let her get self cautious at such a young age. I was 11 when I got into Bulimia and the effects have made it so I can't purge and I ended up gaining weight. Ruined me too bad when I was young that now that I actually NEED to do something about it I can't
    At that, she's also still very young and could easily become very very skinny as she grows tall due to puberty. It happened to my 13 year old sister. She's 5'6" and 148lb now when she used to be 5'2" and 167lb.

  2. That's terrible. I fucking hate little girls. She obviously wants your advice on the subject, so I'm glad she has you.

  3. I keep telling her she's gorgeous and i think she'll be okay. It was just really hard to see her so upset. We just got home from a family bbq and we both had salads with no dressing, around 120 calories and she seemed fine about it. We talked a little more about it and she said she is just going to eat healthier, smaller meals from now on, and she asked me if I would do it with her. Which is actually helpful to me. ha. but I'm just glad she's okay.
    Middle school girls are such bitches.

  4. Oh my god. this is the worst thing i've ever heard. Katey is so skinny. It breaks my heart just to read this. We need to do something so she doesn't start what we've started or anything worse.