Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Never mind,

I didn't post.
I'm 110. Great.
But I haven't worked off anything in a week and last nights dinner was horrible.
I think I can shed that pound. Not as easy as I gained it, but easily enough.
"no it don't come easy, no it don't come fast" augustana-fire.
Of course gaining weight is so easy; too bad.
I can honestly say I've been eating less than usual (disregarding last night of course) and I'm not as hungry anymore. Woo.
I'm going to try to dance tonight, but who knows how that's going to work out.
I think I'm going to my dad's this weekend which means I don't have to eat very much and when I do eat, it's all healthy and low cal. Yay.
Sisters gone which means I can read and post as much as I want without her lurking, thank god.
I need to do homework, but I'll let you know how dance goes.

400 calories today. I don't plan on that changing.

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