Tuesday, September 29, 2009


i just got back from a jog which burned off my 100 calories or so i've eaten today plus some. and i'm going to dance in an hour so that will burn even more. sweet!
i'm feeling a little better, but i've still been really irritable and emotional lately. i don't know whats wrong with me, but i'll let you know when i get a hold of myself.
I'm 109.
not good, not horrible.
still bad though.
i'm finally exercising again and my bodily functions are returning to normal so maybe i'll start digesting food normally again.. hopefully.
this weekend was just terrible. horribly, horribly terrible.
i ate so much. i don't even know why.
but i got rid of most of the calories.
i've been doing a lot of stupid things lately...
i'll tell you all about those things later.
I'm not quite ready to be judged yet.

oh, p.s. got my homecoming dress with my dad. its not horrible. its a bubble dress so i look kinda fat. oh well. he picked it out and was happy when i pretended to like it, so i'm happy.

hope your doing better than me.
good luck and stay strong <3

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