Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have barely eaten anything today.
190 calories, and i'm done for the day (:
I talked to my dad about homecoming
and his girlfriend is going to look through all her vintage dresses and pick me out something amazing. yay!
I have two best friends that are always there for me.
One isn't so supportive but she just doesn't understand and can I really blame her? No.
Just like I don't understand somethings she does.
But its okay because I'm there for her and she is there for me.
Dance last night was pretty good, except for the pain.
Not dancing tonight but I went on a walk and I just finished some sit ups, and when I get home I'll be doing some more.
I'm hungry, but nothing looks good.
Thank god!
Hope everyone is doing good,
good luck and stay strong.
xo <3

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