Saturday, September 26, 2009


i don't want anyone's sympathy.
i hate when people feel bad for me.
it makes me feel pathetic.
my friend texted me last night saying something.
(i'd rather not talk about it)
but it was embarrassing.
it pisses me off when people think i'm incapable of doing things for myself.
and what's even more pathetic is she has a point.
i'm sitting here on a saturday night by myself blogging when all my friends are out partying and having a good time. but i'm in such a slump i don't want to do anything.

i can't even explain how i'm feeling right now and i don't know exactly why i'm feeling this way, i just know it sucks and i hate it.

and on an even MORE pathetic note, i ate.. a lot..
950 calories a lot.
that is almost as disgusting as i feel.
and this little depression i'm in is keeping me from moving enough to have the energy to work off at least a portion of it.
bye bye 108,
hello fatass.

1 comment:

  1. i know exactly how that slump feels when you don't want to do anything. Just embrace it. If you try to go out and party with everyone you'll regret it